FEMA Surveys - Flood Elevation Certificates, LOMA, LOMR

Residential & Commercial

Is your property in a flood plain? Do you need to carry flood insurance? 

Our services include performing a pre-investigation of your property to evaluate your home's flood risk. We will come to your property to conduct a full on-site evaluation. Then we'll recommend the next possible steps.

1. Filing a LOMA (Letter of Map Amendment) A reclassification of your home or structure out of the risk area of flood plain.

2. Perform an Elevation Certificate

Elevation Certificates determine the actual elevation of the home or structure, located on the property. It will determine if the home or structures are located within the flood zone base flood elevation. Elevation Certificates can be used by insurance agents to adjust flood insurance premium ratings are also used for building permits, if requested by the municipal building departments, and any other FEMA related requirements.



Property on the lake

Property on the lake